From the old position of the Industrial appartheid to the new paradigm of Evolutionary Biothinking.

New spatial environments emerge unnoticed all around us (spaces of opportunities that our "enduring innocence" refuses to heed). We talk a lot about cities, but we speak less about that other territory beyond this, configured by crossbred panoramas, halfway between the landscape and the small township, set on major traffic routes, where scenes of outer suburbian factories are mixed with the territory. A territory that is not anymore a natural space, because it's been transformed by repopulations, cultivated by decades, it has been humanized or anthropized. It's background is full of trucks, industries, workshops, scrap of any origin. This territory is configured around the dictatory of vulgarity, out of jurisdiction of the law of inhabited space but, however, it belongs to the time of continous movement, fills the space and time of many people that work and live around the cities of our century.