From the old position of the Industrial appartheid to the new paradigm of Evolutionary Biothinking.

New spatial environments emerge unnoticed all around us (spaces of opportunities that our "enduring innocence" refuses to heed). We talk a lot about cities, but we speak less about that other territory beyond this, configured by crossbred panoramas, halfway between the landscape and the small township, set on major traffic routes, where scenes of outer suburbian factories are mixed with the territory. A territory that is not anymore a natural space, because it's been transformed by repopulations, cultivated by decades, it has been humanized or anthropized. It's background is full of trucks, industries, workshops, scrap of any origin. This territory is configured around the dictatory of vulgarity, out of jurisdiction of the law of inhabited space but, however, it belongs to the time of continous movement, fills the space and time of many people that work and live around the cities of our century.


original project: aceboxalonso
Victoria Acebo& Angel Alonso                                                                            

Full Construction Project
project director in axa: Asa Nakano 
students: Alejandro Portela
structural engineers: NB35
structure project director: Alejandro Bernabeu

 Electrical and building sistems engineers: JG engineers                                           
budget: 5.000.000 euros
site surface: 91.000 sqm
built surface : 12.000 sqm
Industrial Planning: Isolux Corsan.
not built

To design the new factory of biodiesel for Infinita Renovables, from the main layout to the sustainability strategy, means to work  in a close collaboration with a huge group of speciallized engineers . Architecture was only 5% of the full operation. We developed all the construction plans, structure and tecnological sistems of the buildings of this huge factory. 

4 parameters governed the main lines of the project:

1.- to make a sustainable use of the soil; to make an effort and design a better disposal of the industrial process in order to free some of the ground and return it to the landscape. More than 100 hours were invested to understand, design and propose the new LAYOUT, and LESS surface consumption was achieved.

2.-Once we have 28.000 sqm free of tarmac or concrete, we planned the forestal strategy to help hiding the bigger machines copying the natural landscape around. The project includes a didactical garden focused on scholars and elder people who could visit the factory as a plan to explain the objectives of this new technology.

3.- to find optical, aesthetical, mimethical instruments to reduce as much as possible the impact of this huge structure of 300m lenght. Shape and color.

4.- ensure the reversibility of this operations: the factory should built and dismantle easily, with as less damage to the enviroment as possible, when its useful life will end.